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Pitch Wars 2017 #PimpMyBio

Pitch Wars 2017 #PimpMyBio

Well hello blog traveler, and welcome to my #pimpmybio entry for Pitch Wars 2017! After stalking mentors and fellow mentees across their bio submissions, I decided it was time to get off my duff and write my own. Thank you to Lana Pattinson for hosting this craziness! *mwah*!

Who am I?

Well, that’s not much of a loaded question, now is it? I wear many nametags, including Mom, Mommy, Mother, Coach, Teach, Nik, Nikki, Nikalina, Nikoletta, and occasionally “who is that weird chick with the pink hair?”

When I’m not writing—which is essentially every spare chance I get—I am a project manager, graphic designer, teacher, daydreamer, hockey player, hockey coach, hockey mom, hockey wife, (there’s a theme there somewhere), as well as personal shopper, chef, and chauffeur to a 13-year-old Rockstar.

In the event you were ever wondering, yes, you can fit an entire drum kit into the back of a Nissan Juke.

Somewhere in the mix of my insane life, I try and read as much as I can, but my “Must Read” is so long it resembles Willy Wonka’s contract–including all the fine print.

I am a hoarder of books…

My dream is to someday live in a bookstore. Unfortunately, I don’t have enough room in my house to make my own. I was once a member of the Stephen King book club and have shelves of hardcovers by the ‘king of why I won’t ever walk over sewer grates’. Ever.

I have rows of David Eddings and Stephen R. Donaldson paperbacks right next to my box-sets of Harry Potter, Hunger Games, and Inheritance Cycle, which are conveniently stored below a stack of Calvin and Hobbes treasuries next to the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew. I have biographies, anthologies, romances, action thrillers, mysteries, dramas, science fiction and fantasy series, true crime stories, comics, graphic novels, and even a travel book or two. And because I’ve run out of physical room, my Nook is now filled with everything from Game of Thrones to Suzanne Brockmann, Julie Ann Walker, and Maya Banks. I’m a book addict and I proudly admit it!

Write, write, write!

I have always loved writing. I wrote my first fanfic story when I was in grade school—years before I even knew what fanfic was. I still have the story—it’s written in pencil, and in cursive. (Totally just dated myself there, didn’t I?) I switched to song lyrics in high-school, creating a whole binder full of verses and choruses to go with the random melodies in my head. And while I did graduate from college with a degree in Television Broadcasting, my 10 years of TV experience were in every area BUT writing. Camera. Studio. Editing. I covered it all.

So, I took my love for writing to the next level. I joined the RWA and the Toronto chapter as well as some writing and critique groups, and got to work!

We have a winner! Well, sort of.

My first manuscript was a romantic suspense category finalist in the Toronto RWA Golden Pen Contest, and my second was a finalist in the Silicon Valley RWA Gotcha! Contest. And even though I wasn’t the winner, I’m super proud to have placed in both of the contests.

While I have yet to find an agent, I’m stubborn and refuse to give up on the quest. I’m still here, I’m still learning, and I’m still writing!

What am I’m hoping for in a mentor?

If I had to sum it up in one word? Guidance.

If I am fortunate enough to be selected by one of the amazing mentors, I promise to listen, to accept feedback (both positive and negative) and make sure I don’t waste a single minute of your time. I want to learn about the industry, and how to make my book the best it can be. I am willing to rewrite, revise, rework, and reorder. I understand our time together is short, and I will work hard to make it count.

I also hope to laugh, share stories, and make new friends who don’t mind having a crazy pink-haired weirdo in their contact list.

But what about your book?

2017 is my running leap into the amazing (and frightening) Pitch Wars pool. And where would that be, you ask, without a blurb about my book? Well, it would be a very sad, pool indeed. Probably one with cracked cement and smelly green water in the bottom.

Liquid Fire is my first YA baby, born of a love for space travel, science fiction, fantasy, and a friendship strong enough to span the galaxy.

Seventeen-year-old Illora Vale is a skilled hacker with a brilliant mind for code, but to the outside world, she’s a nobody. Which is just the way she wants it. While she dreams of having someone to share her secret with, a boring life in the borderlands is the only way she can hide and protect the energy based entity she carries within her. But her plan to remain forgettable works too well when she’s left behind in an evacuation and becomes the only witness to a plot to destroy the fragile peace between planets.

After surviving an attack that nearly kills her, Illora is stalked by the traitor himself. Fearing for her safety, but unwilling to hide while millions of innocent people are killed, she reaches out to the only other person she considers a friend; a young soldier from her past. With his help, Illora transforms from hunted to hunter, risking her life, and her secret, to try and save her world.

Liquid Fire by Nika Dixon

And thus ends my crazy pimped up bio! Good luck to all of us hopeful mentees, and thank you to all the amazing mentors who are dedicating their time to this crazy event!

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