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Pitch Wars 2017

Pitch Wars 2017

July 2017 holds a couple of firsts for me:
– first official blog post
– first YA manuscript
– first time entering Pitch Wars

Nope. Not too stressful an undertaking at all!

After struggling with the daunting task of researching, writing, studying, editing, binge eating, and not sleeping, I’ve decided it’s time I stop trying to query my completed MS on my own and jump feet first into the deep end of the #pitchwars pool!

The current crazy task is to try and narrow down the choices of so many amazing mentors to just FOUR.

I have had success in the past with contemporary romantic suspense with 2 RWA chapter contest finals, but this is my first try with a younger heroine so I’m feeling very much out of my element trying to work with YA. My 2 biggest fears are POV (I write 3rd person but many successful YA books are 1st person), and lack of romance (my book has the feels and a heroine/hero, but they are friends, not lovers). Is that even a thing in YA these days?

Fingers crossed I am chosen by one of the fantastic mentors so I can find out!

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