Mind your S’s and U’s!

It’s an interesting world when you have to reset your Canadianism’s to fit into an American manuscript! As I am working my way through my first run as an Entangled Publishing author, I’ve discovered there are a lot of steps involved in getting a book ready for publishing–especially for a Canadian.

I have always been told that to break into the US publishing market, you need to target your manuscript to the audience. Alberta becomes Montana. It’s not the RCMP, it’s a sheriff. There are no kilometres or centimetres, it’s miles and inches. Plus there are all the completely Canadian words that automatically leave our heads when we draft a book that someone south of the Canadian boarder may not even remotely understand. Going to the store for a bag of milk. Wanting to find a bank machine. Sitting on a chesterfield. Putting on your running shoes. Drawing pictures with pencil crayons.

ChesterfieldCouch or sofa
Bank machineATM
Runners or running shoesSneakers or tennis shoes
Grade nineNinth grade
ToqueKnit hat
ElasticRubber band

The hardest learning curve for me has come at the expense of my Canadian spell check.
The following list are the most common words I have to remember to re-spell:

U’sColour, Neighbour, Flavour, OdourColor, Neighbor, Flavor, Odor
extra S’sBackwards, Forwards, TowardsBackward, Forward, Toward
RE vs ERMeagre, Fibre, Theatre, CentreMeager, Fiber, Theater Center
Q vs CBarbeque, ChequeBarbecue, Check
Double LJewellery, Travelled, LevelledJewelry, Traveled, Leveled
T vs EDDreamt, BurntDreamed, Burned
OUGE vs OGAnalogue, Dialogue, CatalogueAnalog, Dialog, Catalog
ExtrasPyjamas, Moustache, Grey, VicePajamas, Mustache, Gray, Vise

There are so many other words that my spellcheck glazes right over. Unfortunately, because I have to continue to use Canadian spelling for my client projects, I can’t just replace my dictionary, so I have to make a conscious effort to remember to search for the big ones, and pray for patience from the editing team to catch the ones I miss!

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