Yep, it is so. Twitter has always been my favourite love but lately is just a mess of racism, political BS, and advertising every other line. I find myself spending less and less time connecting with my virtual friends on the platform so I’ve made the move to CounterSocial. So far it seems to be the twitter of old – where you can meet new peeps and your feed has that fresh excitement of new stories and places unexplored. Come find me @Nika.

Deadlock by Cherrie Lynn Scavenger Hunt

To celebrate the upcoming release of Deadlock by Cherrie Lynn on June 25th, Entangled Publishing has arranged a Scavenger Hunt! Follow the links at the end of each stop and collect clues along the way! Click here to start at the beginning of the Scavenger Hunt. At the end, enter your clues to be entered to win the grand prize: a Nespresso Espresso maker and coffee goodies to keep your all-night hacking (or reading) sessions going strong. You might find a few bonus giveaways in hidden links throughout the Scavenger Hunt, too, including print copies of Deadlock!

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